Our sesame butter is made from 100% pure sesame seeds, with no artificial additives
or stabilizers. Sesame seeds naturally have high-fat content, as well as a lot of fiber and protein. Over time, the fat rises to the top and the protein and
fiber settle at the bottom. That doesn’t mean that the tahini has gone bad—just mix it well before use.

Our facility integrates traditional processes with advanced technologies to bring you the best of both worlds.  Our sesame
arrives from Ethiopia in raw form. We clean and hull the seeds, slow roast them to achieve optimal flavor and aromatics, and stone grind them for an ideal texture.

We aren’t currently able to offer organic products due to the global shortage of high-quality, organic sesame seeds.

Our classic tahini and squeezable tahini are produced in an allergen-free facility—except for sesame allergies, of course. Our spreads are produced in a facility that also produces products with tree nuts and soy, in addition to sesame.

All our products are certified gluten-free by GMP with
certification stamps clearly displayed on the packaging.

Yes! All Incredible Tahini products are vegan and dairy-free.

Palm oil is a non-GMO, non-hydrogenated oil that acts as a stabilizer and reduces
oil separation. That means less stirring every time you dip into a jar! Other liquid oils wouldn’t stabilize the sesame butters in the same way and would
increase the oil layer at the top of the jar. Incredible Tahini is committed to responsible sourcing of all our ingredients, including our palm oil. We’re proud members of the RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable
Palm), which encourages sustainable growing practices and human rights initiatives at the farm level, while promoting education about the cultivation
and use of certified sustainable palm oil.

We want to make sure that you have the best sesame experience, and glass jars are more susceptible to breakage in production and shipping. Our jars, made from
50% recycled plastic, offer an easy, convenient, and sustainable alternative.

Our tahini isn’t raw—we roast the sesame seeds before grinding them. But it is pure—we don’t add any other ingredients to our sesame butter.

Unopened tahini lasts for up to 24 months when stored in a
cool, dry place. We generally recommend using your tahini within 12 months and storing it in the fridge to maintain freshness and slow the separation of natural oil in the sesame seeds. However, tahini is shelf-stable both open and
unopened. If you notice that your tahini has a layer of oil at the top,
that doesn’t mean it’s gone bad! All you need to do is stir it. You can alsosafely store your tahini in a cool pantry.

Tahini is kosher, keto-friendly, paleo-approved, vegan, gluten- and dairy-free, and full of healthy vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, fiber, and antioxidants. It’s ideal for baking, protein bowls, and smoothies, making it a true superfood for a variety of diets.

Incredible Tahini has a unique, velvety texture, and a natural touch of sweetness. And we’ve spent 90 years perfecting techniques to preserve the unbeatable health benefits of sesame and deliver you the most nutritious, versatile product.